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Dr. Samantha Beutler


Full Exam- $50
Adjustment- $35

Also accepts Health Insurances

I am very happy to bring full spine and extremity Functional Chiropractic to rural michigan where I grew up. Most people have heard of a chiropractor or have maybe even been adjusted before. At Live Well Chiropractic all regions of the spine and pelvis are assessed for disfunction, as well as the soft tissue in those areas. If a complaint is in the extremity like an ankle, shoulder, knee, elbow, or foot for example that area will also be examined and treated.  

Many chiropractors in Michigan do not adjust and work on extremities. I have a very functional approach and believe if the bones in your feet are not moving as they should it will alter the way you walk and in turn can effect your knees, pelvis, low back, or even your neck alignment. The same can be said for a misaligned wrist, the disfunction can cause irritation in the wrist but it could also change the mechanics in the elbow or shoulder.

A wide variety of techniques can be used to deliver adjustments to the spine, pelvis, and extremities. 
- Manual - where the doctor uses his or her hands to deliver the adjustment.
-Instrument assisted - a small spring loaded tool with adjustable tension is used to deliver a lower force adjustment. This technique works well on older patients, patients who have had spinal surgeries or recent traumas, wiggly children, extremities, and pets.
-Drop techniques - Adjustments can be delivered with a table that has special drop segments or a movable devise that gives away when enough pressure is applied to it. This can allow for an adjustment to be given without much twisting and is very useful in the pelvis, sacrum, hips, and feet.

Soft Tissue Treatments and rehab are a large part of a persons complete recovery. As we grow and age we have injuries, repetitive motion irritations, overuse traumas, poor posture, and just the daily stressors of our lives that cause disfunction in our muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia. Knots and adhesions cause disruption in the movement, healing ability, and function of these tissues.  
Mechanical assisted soft tissue rehabilitation is a technique that utilizes active and passive motion to break up adhesions, retrain the tissue and restore proper function.  
I have a lot of experience with these techniques and have found that coupling adjustments and soft tissue rehab has allowed patients to eliminate pain they have had for years or even help a young athlete recover from an injury faster and more completely.

Chiropractic can be used in many ways.  
- A person looking to get out of pain
- A healthy person looking to maintain their health and mobility
- An athlete looking to perform at a higher level
- A baby who has colic or cries or restless for no apparent reason

Chiropractic and soft tissue rehab can be used to feel better or be healthier in a general sense or treat a specific problem.
- Neck, back, pelvic/ hip pain
- Headaches
- Whiplash injuries
- Shoulder, ankle, knee, wrist, foot, or hand pain.
- Plantar fasciitis
- Tendonitis/ tennis or golfers elbow
- Carpal tunnel and trigger finger
- Pregnancy induced pains
- Colic or acid reflux in babies
- Children with "growing pains"
- The list could go on and on.

The office is located inside the same building as The Massage Spot and Fitness Center in Remus. This is a wonderful partnership because chiropractic and massage compliment each other nicely.

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